April 19-22, 2007

What is this for?

Fun. Fun and only fun.

Aaaaand you could maybe also win some money/fame/fortune.

What kinds of things are on this oft-maligned list?

You should check out 2005's list since I can't find 2006's, or any old uchicago list.

How exactly does judging work?

Well, every item has been assigned a point value by the judges, but you can get more or less points depending upon how awesome of a job you did. A pretty hot example of, well, doing pretty hot is getting a scavhunt tattoo that doesn't wash off in the morning.

I don't have enough friends who want to join! Is there a free agent pool?

Yes! If you're looking for a team to join, or if you're looking for another member to join your team, fill out the form below. There's plenty of people in this situation, so we'll get it worked out.

Name: Email:

I need another person or two to round out my team. Where can I find them?

Email Pierce at and he will work with you and the free agents list.

Where is the money you're collecting going?

The money is going back into ScavHunt, since we are offering prizes and it costs money to run some of the stuff we're doing. We'll be lucky if we break even.

I can't figure out a team name/all of my team/etc, but I want to sign up now!

Don't worry, none of this is set in stone. Just leave a comment in the notes box when you sign up and I'll make sure we update your team roster/name whenever you finalize it.

Do I have to be a UVa student?

Nope! We'll let anyone join in as long as you register. We have many teams that are not UVa students in the Hunt.

I have ANOTHER question that isn't answered here!

Just send Pierce an email at and I'll answer away.