April 19-22, 2007

ScavHunt 2007: April 19-22

ScavHunt is, most unfortunately, stolen.

The University of Chicago has been holding a huge scavenger hunt every year for the past 18 or so years, In fact, it's even called ScavHunt, but we sure as hell can't think of a better name right now, so we're stealing that, too.

This is the second year of ScavHunt at the University of Virginia, but although we are the generic substitution hydrocodone to UoC's brand name vicodin, we refuse to deliver anything less than the most incredible, exciting, and sexually fulfilling multi-day scavenger hunt this University has ever seen.

ScavHunt will consist of teams competing for money, prizes, and - most importantly - honor, glory and fame. Teams are organized as being 4 to 6 people.

On Thursday, April 19st, The List will be unveiled. The List consists of 300 items worth corresponding amounts of points; 'items' loosely means 'items,' 'things to do,' 'things to take pictures of yourself doing' and the such. You will have until noon on Sunday, April 22th to complete as much of the list as possible for as many points as possible. Then something else begins. What is it? It's a sort of molested Field Day that doesn't really have a name yet where you do stuff and compete with other teams and get points. Yeah yeah yeah.

Personally, I think finding items is all good and fun, but the part that kicks ass is the Roadtrip. YEA THATS RIGHT WE GIVE YOU A PLENTY BADASS REASON TO GO ON A PLENTY BADASS ROADTRIP. The totally-optional-so-do not-not-make-a-team-just- because-you-can't- drive-somewhere Roadtrip, but the Roadtrip nonetheless. A portion of the items on the list can only be accomplished on the Roadtrip, and it'd be hella fun to go, but you can still do plenty well without it, much in the same way that you can live without chocolate or sex.

Judges will be open for questions at a special session Thursday night for clarification and all kinds of lovely hints about the list.

Many of these details will be ironed out the closer we get to ScavHunt actually happening.