we rule, like charlemagne.

February 10th

TODAY THE FIRST ANNUAL UNIVERSITY OF VIRIGNIA SCAVENGER HUNT (a.k.a. SCAVHUNT) IS OFFICIALLY BEING PUBLICIZED. Tell all your friends! Put the link ( in your away message! Spam everyone and anyone with propaganda, forcing their otherwise worthless selves into this pinnacle of human achievement! AAAIEEEE!!!!

February 2nd

Today has been very busily consisted of informing the public of a few very important goings-on around UVa. So important, I doubt you've heard of them before! If you found out the dark underbelly of UVa today, you've probably been flashmobbed. In order, they aaaare...

Rotunda sold to Aramark, slated for destruction

In a last-ditch attempt to maintain a sound financial base, President John T. Casteen III has sold the heart of the University of Virginia, the Rotunda, to the Aramark dining corporation for an undisclosed sum. Aramark is planning on demoliting the building and building a state-of-the-art dining facility akin to Pavillion XI. Styled with history in mind, the new facility will abandon Aramark's in-house eateries in favor of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and McDonalds. Also a fanciful bit of construction is in the world to install gas pumps inside of the statue of Thomas Jefferson, probably with the hoses themselves coming out of TJ's nostrils and mouth.

The Honor Code, Being Lame

We've all known for a long time that only sissies follow the honor code. Even Thomas Jefferson himself, visionary of UVa, has stolen; the entire Declaration of Independence was copied word-for-word from the archives of the island-nation of Niue, which is near New Zealand. Also, honor has been linked to communists and terrorism. Scientific studies have shown lying improves your potentional for having a stable income, cheating promotes successful hetereosexual marriages,and stealing is just awesome, like Coca-Cola and fancy cars.

Some Other Stuff

You know, other things. Kjhbjh 9nkj hg yrr 65 ihguiygt786t pokp 584qwre3po t aml kh y ttttt33333333333333333

February 1st

We made beautiful posters at the meeting.

January 30th

We have been released to the hounds [read: members of the binc mailing list]! The website is now live and working well with tons of info, even though the scavenger hunt section is still a little lacking.

January 26

okay, the website is up, at least the bare minimum. i sent out a flashmob email which you can view here, if that's the kind of stuff you dig.

Upcoming Events

March 10th:

Topp's Challenge.