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mob #4
Current flashers: 267

What is a FLASHMOB?

The Internet defines a flashmob as "A large group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse."

Who are we?

We're some guys who're looking to 'organize' some flash mobs around UVa. It's not really that complicated a concept, I don't think.

Who are you?

You're the ones who're going to help us. You cats shall be 'the mob'.

What are we doing to do?

If I told you, it wouldn't nearly be as fun, now would it?

Why do we want to do this?

Because it's nuts. It's absolutely inane, and you'll love it for that very reason.

How does it work?

You give us your contact info, and we'll feed you what you need to know (where, when, possibly what or how!).

Where do I sign?

Right here.