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Flashmob #2

At 6:40 PM on Monday, October 6th, Alderman Library was a peaceful place. Students, standing around, talking, reading, doing those things that kids at libraries do.

Did I mention waltzing? Yes, there was waltzing, too.

Ten minutes earlier the masses as uninformedly gathered between Clemons and Alderman, their greedy little fists filled with this flyer.

While the expected turnout was "something more than 15," well over 50 (and somewhere below 70, i suppose) mobbers showed up, not aware that they were wearing their dancin' shoes.

We filtered in, unnoticed, probably doubling the number of people that were already in the library. When the sweet sounds of a Viennese waltz began to flood Alderman library, a gentle hestitation shook the crowd, quickly followed by an eruption of partnered ballroom dancing of Pompeiic proportions.

I'd say it was amazing, but "glorious" seems to be the adjective du jour (du mobbe?).

Here's what some people had to say:

"I came, I saw, I waltzed. It was a glorious thing."

"it was cleverly planned, flawlessly executed, and undeniably awesome. I'm saving it as a story to someday swell the hearts of my grandchildren."

"i was there
and i danced
it was sweet"

(it's like a freeform haiku!)

-Emails from various mobbers

If anyone heard anything from spectators, I'd love it if you'd mail me so I can put up some stuff on here. Also, if you have any pictures, send 'em to me!

CD Website | CD scan

Alderman Ballroom | Cav Daily pic

Pre-Waltz : avi (4.1mb) | realplayer (1.6mb)
Waltzing : avi (9.3mb) | realplayer (2.9mb)
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