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mob #4
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Flashmob #4

Ah, the sweet silence of first floor Clemons. How we love to bask in your educational splendor, your supernatural ability to put us In The Mood for studying for exams!

Ah, the not so sweet sound of cell phones. How we hate to hear you ring!

Ripe for the mixing? Yes, ripe for the mixing.

On December 9th, we set our cell phones to 'kill' and descended into the depths of Clemons. From there, total chaos erupted, cell phone rings spontaneously going off from all corners of the library, studiers overcome with confusion for a good ten minutes. Greensleeves, Space age, Mountain, and Clubbin' were all in attendance.

You have not lived until you have seen phones ringing with reckless abandon, a reckless abandon shared by their holders, who refused to answer them, even in the face of burning adversity.

Since there is no pictures or audio or anything for this one, I thought we would give out awards. So we did. And here, in a meticulously picked out order, they are:

Most Heart: Scott Ritchie
Best Shouting: the flashmob guy who shouted "hey turn that shit off!" to a flashmob girl he knew when her phone went off at the beginning.
Medal of Valor: Lauren Rex Barkume, for being the first cell to go off
Best Brazen Walking Around While Your Barely-concealed Cellphone Rings Over and Over**: the guy in the trenchcoat who did just that!

** : I actually got stopped on the way out by a table of people who had no idea what was going on who a) accused me of being a part of it, and b) wanted to know who that guy was