we rule, like charlemagne.

Bedlam, Incorporated:

Once upon a time a small child dreamt up a group, as imaginative children are apt to do, and blah blah blah didn't so much work out. In a clear-cut case of civil disobedience, this disillusioned lad took to the streets, gathering together a motley crew of middle managers, office cubes, and even a couple couriers. Thus Bedlam, Inc. was born!

Bedlam, Inc. was funded by the venture capitalists of passion-for-all-things-that-are-good, and quickly got together an IPO. Since these early days, Binc has all but cornered the excitement, chaos, and you know, just chillin' out and having fun market at the University of Virginia.

S&P's radness index ranks Binc as one of the top buys in the country for per-capita awesomeality.

Board of Directors:

CEO: J. Soma
aim: soma buspar lkzx

Historian: Aemon C. Malone
email: maybe aemon's email address is a secret?

Mission Statement:

Like all corporations, Bedlam, Inc.'s solitary goal is to make millions of dollars for its executives. Failing that, Binc will probably settle for spreading general wackiness and unpredictability throughout the marbled halls of Washington, DC.

Career Opportunities:

Bedlam, Inc. offers many exciting career opportunities in a challenging atmosphere with great benefits. If you are interested in joining us here at Binc, contact us and let us know!

Upcoming Events

March 10th:

Topp's Challenge.