jonathan soma does: everything, comics, projects, old stuff and blogs

the internet is give and take:


encode your twitter posts using a telegraphic code book from 1891


hardcover prices give you papercuts? softcover emails you when the book you want comes out in paperback.

triptrop nyc

time travel, subway-style

the new, interactive singles map

mostly if you're 8-10 times more lonely than kissable

tokyo tuesday

i can tell you when they're making cookies, but i don't know if they're chocolate chip. also in japanese


a firefox plugin for incrementing

snacksby: like macgyver, but for food

we'll work with what you've got

hi, i'm soma. i live in brooklyn and work with data, design, ruby, yarn, nails, and anything else that makes things. you can pick my brain at, or @dangerscarf.