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in the tradition of athena, the following have burst fully formed from the forehead of jonathan soma:

Masters of Social Gastronomy

Drink beer and watch Sarah Lohman and I fight about vanilla extract. A monthly bar room lecture series about the creamy filling in the middle of history, science, and food.

The Important Numbers on the PPW Bike Lane

I took a bunch of numbers from a Department of Transporation report and made them awesome and easy to read.

Brooklyn Brainery

Cheap, collaborative classes in Brooklyn on everything from your grandma's favorite crafts to snobbish intellectualism.

Ice Cream Club

The best club about ice cream in NYC or the rest of the world.

Big Apple Ed

Everything you ever wanted to know about NYC public schools but were afraid to go through 600MB of Dept of Education data for. Created for the NYC Big Apps contest.

triptrop nyc

pretty neat subway maps from anywhere in new york

the new, interactive singles map

lonely? don't worry, there's math to blame.

tokyo tuesday

i can tell you when they're making cookies, but i don't know if they're chocolate chip. also in japanese

Icelandic Exports

Once upon a time a volcano in Iceland donated a lot of ash to mainland Europe. [infographic]


SECRET CODES secret codes!!! 1891 telegraphic code book + twitter = ...?

Cooking Class in a Box

I'll build you a cooking class on an exotic cuisine (Thai, Indian, Korean, Ethiopian, etc) and ship you the hard-to-find ingredients for it!


feeling bookish but not so spendy? get an email when a book comes out in paperback.


a firefox plugin for incrementing

snacksby: like macgyver, but for food

the ozymandias of recipe sites

hi, i'm soma. i live in brooklyn and work with data, design, ruby, yarn, nails, and anything else that makes things. you can pick my brain at, or @dangerscarf.

fast facts:

favorite animal teeth

komodo dragon (bacteria city)

king of the singles map hill

oh oh this map!!

most owned blog

this super new and neglected-to-be one

date of worst bread making experience

November 2nd, 2005

date of best cake making experience

November 7th, 2005

do i have my piece?

sure do! two .22's in my shoes

#1 cobbler

September 6, 2008 (2c peaches + 2c sugar)

best game

dominoes, go

favorite game i do know how to play now unlike before!


best bastardization of an existing game

illegal word scrabble (with >4 letter legal word helper)

favorite word to impress people at the ABC store


email address

favorite word to show people at the ABC store that you clearly only use alcohol for cooking


mode of transportation

girl bike, blue pied

favorite thanksgiving food

green bean casserole

obligatory link into great website for indian recipes

onion bhaji


why can't i make a radio show for the internet?


i lost and found this and it's sage as all get out