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Greg Maddux

i don't know a good caption for this one.

Greg Maddux is arguably the best pitcher of his era, having accumulated 289 wins, 13 Gold Gloves and 4 Cy Young awards in his 18 major league seasons. Last season Maddux became the first pitcher in major league history to win 15 or more games for 16 consecutive seasons. His success is attributable not to overwhelming power, but rather remarkable control, an intellectual approach to pitching and boyish good looks. Maddux has one World Series ring to his name, and might well win another this season for the Chicago Cubs. Greg and his wife, Kathy, head the Maddux Foundation, which is involved in a variety of charitable activities, including donating baseball tickets to non-profit organizations.

Conclusion: DELIGHTFUL

Reasoning: Come on, it's Greg Maddux!