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Greg Bear

greg bear
Greg Bear, a.k.a. Four Eyes.

Greg Bear is a science fiction writer and has published the following novels: HEGIRA, PSYCHLONE, BEYOND HEAVEN'S RIVER, STRENGTH OF STONES, THE INFINITY CONCERTO (Berkley, 1984), BLOOD MUSIC (Arbor), EON (Bluejay) (1985), THE FORGE OF GOD (Tor, 1986), ETERNITY (Warner, 1988), QUEEN OF ANGELS (Warner, 1990). ANVIL OF STARS (Warner, 1992), MOVING MARS (Tor, October 1993), SONGS OF EARTH AND POWER (Tor, 1994), LEGACY (Tor, 1995), SLANT (Tor, May 1997) and DINOSAUR SUMMER (Warner, February 1998), and FOUNDATION AND CHAOS (Harper Prism, February 1998), DARWIN'S RADIO (Del Rey/HarperCollins UK, 1999), ROGUE PLANET (Del Rey/Lucasfilm 2000), VITALS (Del Rey/Harper Collins UK, 2002), and DARWIN'S CHILDREN (Del Rey/Harper Collins UK, 2003). While having produced a billion pieces of writing is okay, perhaps it is a billion times that an editor got drunk and accidentally published his really horrible book.'s reader rating system is the only way to settle this.'s reader reviews tell us that on average his books are worth about 4 stars. Obviously he is as delightful as his books.


Reasoning: A man is only as good as the science fiction he mass-produces.