Rob is a robot with an intensely creative name. He always seems to have some sort of lady problem, whether it be girlfriends running off with household appliances or STDs. STDs are hilarious. Also, it is very difficult for him to type on a keyboard or use a telephone.

Invisible Guy is a creep with an even more creative name. 'Sexually deviant' is a good term for him. I'd like to think he's fashioned on Greg's id, but I think he may be slightly baser than that. He went on a vision quest once for a name, but as you can see it didn't really work out.

Bug Guy? I don't know, sometimes he's in charge. I think Rob is for real, though. He doesn't do much more than shout about the phone bill. I don't know, don't ask me about character development, this isn't Danger Girl or DC Comics or anything.

The first ten strips were a slight chronicle of Blitz joining The League after being picked up through a classified ad. Blitz's job is to shout profanity now and again, which is what everyone wants to do all of the time but instead we live vicariously through a possibly overweight mutant hamster.