The Future, Etc

a(nother) comic by jonathan soma.

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about the comic

tfe was a daily comic in the cavalier daily during my senior year at UVA.

It was supposed to be about a guy who sat around in his garage and attempted to maintain an encyclopedia brown-ish decective agency, much to the chagrin of his wife and kid, but it turned out i couldn't draw people all too well (except on Special Occasions).

I ended up salvaging (that's a pun, you just don't know it yet.) Rob from the league. After being reassembled from parts after his suicide at the end of the league's run, he somehow ended up married and with a kid.

the future, etc might be about sex joke, laissez-faire parenting and pirates teaching you vocabulary, but it also might be about growing up. Namely, don't do it!!!

I can be reached these days at