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why are hot stars so hard to find that i have to use the internet?

simply, they aren't. if you look up into the night sky, the stars that you see are the hottest and brightest in the galaxy. the problem is, though, that hotter and brighter stars burn up their hydrogen (et al) fuel much more quickly than smaller, dimmer stars, giving them a much shorter lifespan.

how can you verify the ages of the stars on your site?

using the mass and position of the star on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, we can assure you that all stars on the website are within legal limits

where are the <3.0M neutron stars?

at masses greater than 3.0 Mo, the ending of the life of a star creates a black hole, because the intense inward gravitational pull is able to overwhelm the neutron degeneracy force.

do black holes suck?


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