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Scott had, then, turned towards Jean, in order to find out what she was talking about, but was suddenly shocked to discover, that she was completely naked.
-ATK, "Nude on the Beach "


What's with this page? We're connoisseurs. Erotic fanfic connoisseurs. Which is undoubtedly the best kind.

Except we actually have no idea what goes on in the world of fanfiction. Not even the slightest hint. We also don't know anything about writing, either. I was an English major for about a semester, but ATK's no Chaucer, I telleth ye that.

We really just want to know who Andrew Troy Keller is. Do any of you know? LET US KNOW! It's sort of a sick obsession now, except by 'obsession' I mean it's only lasted about 24 hours.

Also, my roomate Greg found the 'fics first. Not me. I swear.