A Terrible Mistake

a comic by jonathan soma.

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about the comic

a terrible mistake was a weekly comic in the declaration during my senior year at UVA.

My roommate was the news editor, and when one night they needed to fill some space where and ad would have gone, I somehow ended up with the job. after that it just turned into a usual thing. I enjoyed comicking for the dec because i got a whole page, and not a whole lot of people complained when the comics didn't make any sense. apparently they got the idea that the strips were just "too complicated" for their puny human minds, when in fact they pretty much just didn't make sense.

i am seriously deeply in love with the full page one, but mainly because I managed to draw a decent human being for a pretty huge number of panels. it's pretty, but sadly lacking in the force punchlines department. Also, brian gawalt (of buddy list fame) drew the old woman's face in the eleventh one.

I can be reached these days at jonathan.soma@gmail.com.

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